Innovative Endoscopy Solutions, Inc. offers a wide array of replacement parts & accessories such as medical batteries, oxygen sensors, pulse oximetry sensors & cables, ECG/EKG cables, blood pressure cuffs & accessories, medical lamps,  medical gas connectors & parts.


The list goes on and on. You probably have SpO2 sensors that just don’t work quite right. Take too long to get a reading or are not always accurate? Patient cables that are kinked or the connectors are coming loose? Missing lead wires? Trunk cables that have broken strain reliefs and are showing the conductors inside? Are they reading accurately now that the shielding is compromised?
IES, Inc. can repair any cable or lead. We can also replace most cables and leads with brand new ones for far less than the OEM. All of our products have FDA approval and are repaired or built in ISO 13485 facilities here in the US.
• 1 Year Warranty • Custom Lengths Available • Fast service • Nellcor & Masimo


Every medical procedure requires one element without question…Clear, strong, white light.
Lighting is arguably one of the most important factors in a successful surgical procedure. From the overhead procedure light to the light source powering a surgical headlamp to the fiber cable carrying that light, everything must be in top condition so tissue color is accurate and the surgeon is able to work with less eye fatigue.  Contact us for replacement lamps and new cables.


One of the most frustrating issues in a hospital is the huge array of monitoring accessories you have to keep track of, maintain, and replace. Monitoring is an integral part of every hospital. Great patient cables, leadwires, finger sensors, and blood pressure devices are crucial to the care of every patient.
IES, Inc. has all your accessory options covered. With multiple manufacturer relationships we are able to provide you the best possible replacement products on the market or repair your proprietary OEM cables. 
Remember we handle, replacement, refurbishment or repair!


Everything has a battery these days -IV Pumps, Monitors, Defibrillators, Surgical Tables, Ventilators, Thermometers and Scales just to name a few. Batteries provide the necessary power for transport and protection when there is a sudden power failure, your medical facility can’t survive without them.
However, stocking batteries has become far too expensive and their weight makes them expensive to ship. Battery needs are very time sensitive and quality is a serious factor that effects patient safety and can contribute to higher costs when they fail too quickly. We offer only the highest quality batteries, fully warranted with FDA 501K approval.


Broken strain reliefs, exposed conductors, and bent prongs are a nightmare for most Biomeds. New NFPA 99 guidelines changed some of the patient safety requirements for current leakage. Is your facility up to code? Ever buy a power strip or cord only to find out it doesn’t work for your application? Ever wish you could just call someone and have them take care of it for you?
• Extremely competitive pricing  • Knowledgeable sales professionals  • Familiar with NFPA 99  • Extensive inventory & Fast Delivery


Ever try to describe what you want to someone only to find out they have no clue what you’re talking about? Ever try to have a medical air block built with a DISS Male on the wall side and Chemtron connectors on the other? How many times do you get the wrong thing? Why is it so hard to get a 10 foot hose with the right connectors?
IES, Inc. has experienced medical gas experts ready to help you get gas from wall to patient without any hassle. We’re here to help you and we can build to suit your needs. With hundreds of options, we have the parts and knowledge to make any gas problem go away. Call and tell our experts what your trying to do and we’ll make it happen!
• Extremely competitive pricing  • Low pricing on flow meters  • Free assembly  • Unmatched technical expertise  • Quick turn around  • All assemblies fully tested  • FULL 1 Year Warranty

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