Aspen Surgical, a Hill-Rom Company, is a leading worldwide manufacturer of disposable surgical supplies with an emphasis on safety. Our extensive portfolio of specialty medical products includes Bard-Parker® Blades and Scalpels, O.R. Accessories, Patient and Staff Safety Products, Wound Care Products, and Instrument Care Products.


Bard-Parker® is well-recognized as a leader in the Surgical Blades and Scalpel market in the United States and Canada, with over 90 years of trusted results in the healthcare field. Aspen Surgical offers a full line of high quality Blades and Scalpels, including both safety and conventional styles. Both are known for their precision and clinical effectiveness.

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Aspen Surgical offers a full line of high quality, best value Operating Room Accessories. The Operating Room Accessories offering includes items such Anti-Fog, Endoscopic Kittners, Vessel Loops, Cautery Tip Cleaners, Surgical Headbands, Suture Booties, Clamp Covers, Pin Covers, Disposable Light Handles, and O.R. Camera Covers as well as sterile Snares and Safety Pins. Such Operating Room Accessories are the small, yet essential, surgical disposables that healthcare facilities count on every day to keep procedures running smoothly and effectively so as to achieve positive patient outcomes.

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Aspen Surgical’s high quality, high performance Wound Care Products include Sterion® Reinforced and Blend Tone Wound Closure Strips, Transparent Dressings, Richard-Allan™ Surgical Needles, Surgidyne® Wound Drainage Products, and Secure-IT™ Tube Holders.  Such Wound Care products are designed to aid in quick and effective healing for patients.

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Aspen Surgical offers a wide range of products to assist with Surgical Instrument Care. The Surgical Instrument Care product portfolio includes items that assist with the cleaning, identification, and protection of delicate surgical instruments. This includes Oxboro™ Tip Protectors and Corner Protectors, SafeClean™ Instrument Cleaning Brushes, ColorTrack™ Identification Tape, and Locking Tags.

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Aspen Surgical is committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling products that help to support Patient and Staff Safety in the Operating Room environment. In addition to our Bard-Parker® Protected Blades and Scalpels, we offer Bard-Parker® Sharps Safety Accessories, Colby™ Fluid Management Products, and ErgoSupport™ Ergonomic Safety Products, as well as WriteSite® Surgical Marking Pens, and Richard-Allan™ Utility Markers to help facilities take charge of safety in the healthcare setting. Such Patient and Staff Safety Products allow staff to focus on the patient and the task at hand, while also complying with guidelines and recommendations put forth by those such as OSHA, AORN, and the Joint Commission.

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