Innovative Endoscopy Solutions, Inc. is a leader in hospital repair solutions, certified pre-owned equipment, replacement parts, cleaners & chemistries and various professional service programs.

Repair & Pre-Owned Equipment

Focused on providing quality, fair-priced alternatives to expensive manufacturer’s repair costs the company’s capabilities include the repair of flexible scopes, rigid scopes, surgical cameras, power equipment, light sources, processors, TEE probes, ultrasound probes and hand-held surgical instrumentation.  Additionally, we are focused on providing certified, pre-owned equipment and offers equipment from major manufacturers like Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, ACMI, STORZ and Stryker.  The buy & sell program offers a great solution for replacement equipment and the recapitalization of equipment that is no longer needed or used at a facility.

Professional Services Programs

Professional services programs include the servicing of O2 blenders, telemetry transmitters, suction regulators, fetal transducers and GE & Philips modules.  Other programs include electrical safety inspections and medical gas inspection & installations.

Replacement Parts

IES, Inc. also offers a wide array of replacement parts and products such as medical batteries, oxygen sensors, pulse oximetry sensors & cables, ECG/EKG cables, blood pressure cuffs & accessories, medical lamps, medical gas accessories and specialized cleaners & chemistries.

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